Guide to Texas Hardship License

Hardship License a.k.a Minor Restricted License

A Hardship License is a type of Texas license that can be given to a minor when they or their guardian show a need for this license.  Now I know what you are thinking, “That means that my student can take themselves to all of their after-school activities, their job, and help out with all of the other kids too!”, but it might not be that simple. There are regulations that your teen driver has to meet before he/she can obtain an MRL.

1.) The first and the easiest regulation to achieve is the age verification. You must be between 15-18 years old,

2.) complete and pass a driver education course. This includes all 32 hours of in-class, all 14 hours of behind-the-wheel, and the vision, knowledge, and driving exams,

*Our Teen Comprehensive Course has all of this included (except for the vision exam, which is done at DPS at the time of receiving the permit).

3.) meet all other requirements for first-time drivers, and

4.) fill out an application for this before you go to the Department of Public Safety, fill out the application  (DL-77).

The Facts and Just the Facts

Do not forget that you must bring all the other required documents that DPS wants you to have before they will issue any licenses, check out our other blog post about getting a Drivers license in Texas to make sure that you have everything you need.

DPS wants to be evident that it will not issue a hardship license for the convenience of busy schedules, they have made laws that back this point up. They also might have you bring in some other required documents during their investigation. DPS will issue a hardship license once it determines that a few criteria are met:

1.) if the failure to issue a hardship license will cause unusual economic hardship on a family,

2.) the hardship is necessary because of any illness, disability or death of a family member,

3.) if your student is enrolled in a vocational educational program, or

4.) a court order that has been presented.

Once you have finished all of this you could be on your way to the open road. We hope that this helps clear up some confusion about a Texas Hardship License! If you need more information about getting your student a hardship license you can visit the DPS website by clicking here.

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