The Driving Institute FAQ’s

1. If my son/daughter is 14 ½, what do I need to do to get their permit at 15?

Begin Drivers Ed so the student has completed the required classroom hours by their 15th birthday.

2. At what age can my son/daughter get their permit?

At 15 years old with classroom hours of Driver’s Ed completed.

3. What do we need to take to the DMV to get a permit?

There are 8 items required to receive a driving permit.

1. Proof of identity.

2. Proof of your Social Security number.

3. 2 documents proving Texas residency or lawful presence in the state and country.

4. A Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964), received after completion of driver’s education.

5. A completed Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (Form CDD-104), a high school diploma, or a GED.

6. A completed Application for Texas Driver’s License (DL-14A) with the parental authorization signature.

7. $16 fee.

8. A parent or legal guardian to sign the paperwork.

4. How long does the class take?

The length of each course varies.

Teen comprehensive course

  • 32 hours in-class sessions (16 sessions, 2 hours apiece)
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel instruction
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel observation
  • 2 hour permit test

Teen in-class course

  • 32 hours in-class sessions (16 sessions, 2 hours apiece)
  • 2 hour permit test

Behind-the-wheel course

  • 7 hours behind-the- wheel instruction
  • 7 hours behind-the- wheel observation
  • 2 hour permit test

Permit test

  • 2 hour permit test

Drive-time training (optional hourly packages)

  • 30 hours drive time
  • 15 hours drive time
  • 6 hours drive time
  • 4 hours drive time
  • 2 hours drive time

Blended Learning course

  • 32 hours onsite computer course (available during open hours)
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel instruction
  • 7 hours behind-the-wheel observation

Teen online course

  • At-home course, self-paced study
5. How long does the Home Study Course take?

The home study course is available online for students to learn at their own pace. Total course time varies from student to student.

6. What happens after the class?

The student will receive an affidavit to take to the DMV so they can get their permit. Then they can start driving with their parents.

7. How long do they carry their permit?

Students are required to carry a driving permit for 6 months before taking the driver’s license test, and be at least 16 years old.

8. How long do they have to get the drive time done?

A Texas driving permit is valid for up to 2 years, but can be renewed for an additional 1 year.

9. How far apart do the drive times need to be set up?

Drive times are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. There is a 24 hour wait time between each Behind-The-Wheel session.

Please note that behind-the-wheel sessions cannot exceed two hours (1 hour driving and 1 hour observing) with the exception of a single three-hour session (2 hours driving, 1 hour observing). This is per T.D.L.R and not The Driving Institute.


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