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What to Do if You’re Too Tired to Drive

What to Do if You’re Too Tired to Drive If you’re too tired to drive, the best solution is to get some sleep; however, that may be easier said than done. If it’s possible, we suggest finding a place where you can sleep in a bed for a few hours before hitting the road —this […]

Six Signs You’re Too Tired to Drive

Six Signs You’re Too Tired to Drive 1.   You’re Cranky or Restless One of the better ways to judge your level of sleep deprivation is to consider your mood. If you’re feeling angry, irritated, or annoyed over trivial things or other drivers on the road, you’re probably more tired than you realize. 2.   You Can’t […]

Helpful Tips for Getting Your Teen’s First Car

Its been 16 years and now that day has finally come. Your teen driver wants a vehicle for their birthday. Where do you start? You want something safe, after all, it is your baby out there, something that is reliable for you kiddo, something that has good insurance prices, maybe something that gets good gas […]

Guide to Texas Hardship License

Hardship License a.k.a Minor Restricted License A Hardship License is a type of Texas license that can be given to a minor when they or their guardian show a need for this license.  Now I know what you are thinking, “That means that my student can take themselves to all of their after-school activities, their […]

Texas Teen Driver’s License

Getting your Texas Teen their license is a very exciting process (for them) and could be a very confusing process because there are so many different options offered to drivers in the state of Texas. Through our experience since we opened in 2017, we have learned the ins and outs of the requirements for new […]

The Driving Institute Opening Soon

The Driving Institute offers a tailored learning environment for the young adult and teen drivers that are learning to drive. The Driving Institute Opening Soon. The courses will prepare the student for their permit test while training them to be safe, defensive drivers. Let us teach your teens and young adults in driver education. Our […]